How to arrive - Perugia Historic Centre - B&B Le Naiadi

Perugia Historic Centre

Importante: il B&B si trova in centro storico e le strade possono essere strette: imposta il navigatore su Piazza Italia per raggiungere il B&B in auto

The B&B Le Naiadi is located in the heart of the historical centre of Perugia, in Via Bonazzi 17, a few metres from the locations of the major events taking place in the city. The B&B is in fact just a short walk from Corso Vannucci and Piazza Italia, the terminus of the bus to the city centre and of the shuttle that connects the Aeroporto di San Francesco to the city of Perugia. The B&B is located on the second floor of an ancient building recently renovated a few meters from the architectural, historical and artistic beauties of the centre of Perugia; given the central location, the main monuments, museums, universities, restaurants, bars and minimarket are within walking distance from the B&B.

How to get here

Sapevi che puoi arrivare alle Naiadi quando vuoi? Io sono molto felice di accoglierti e farmi trovare al tuo arrivo, ma qualche volta non è possibile così posso inviarti un sms con le istruzioni per accedere alla struttura. Ho sempre pensato che la libertà non ha prezzo. Arriva quando vuoi. Se arrivi in macchina, i parcheggi migliori, nel senso facili da raggiungere sono:

  • Piazza Partigiani

    The first one is at Piazza Partigiani you get there by taking the escalator that crosses the beautiful Rocca Paolina, in a few moments you will feel like you are in the past and you are in the Middle Ages! Be careful, this is a very suggestive place full of distractions and you may also feel the need to stop in the Sala del Caminetto and let yourself fly on the wings of the griffin in the skies of a Perugia of past ages. Returning with your feet on the ground, with the escalator you will find yourself in Piazza Italia a few steps from the Bed & Breakfast. All you have to do is take the stairs between the Bank of Italy and the Bank of Tuscany. At the end of the stairs turn right. You are already in via Bonazzi and at no. 17 there are the Naiadi. Parking costs 17€ for 24h! Now, if you will be in Perugia for a stop-and-go is highly recommended. If I sent you the message with the instructions this video will be useful.
  • Pian di Massiano:

    If instead you were thinking of a longer holiday, from three days upwards I would leave it at Pian di Massiano stadium area precisely at the piazzale Umbria jazz or nearby car parks and then with the minimetro direction Pincetto you will be in the centre in 10 minutes. Parking is free and easily accessible.
  • Centro Storico:

    Another solution is to leave the car in the historical centre around Piazza Italia. It is the only car park in the centre not only for residents, is free from 8pm to 8am, otherwise it costs 2.20 per hour. This car park represents the classic stroke of luck. If you find it free and you don't want to move it until the morning after your arrival, this is the solution. Leave a couple of euros for a quiet breakfast and then leave for new destinations.
  • Via Checchi:

    chiamato anche Parcheggio della Cupa, dista circa 10 minuti a piedi dal B&B ed è collegato al Centro Storico di Perugia tramite scale mobili
  • Via Don Bosco:

    economico (attualmente costa 1.80€/giorno), dista circa 10 minuti a piedi dalla nostra struttura; puoi scaricare comodamente i bagagli al B&B, portare qui la macchina e goderti una passeggiata tra i vicoli per raggiungere il centro storico.
Importante: il B&B si trova in centro storico e le strade possono essere strette: imposta il navigatore su Piazza Italia per raggiungere il B&B in auto

To see

  • National Gallery of Umbria – 270 meters
  • Archaeological Museum – 650 meters
  • Cathedral of San Lorenzo – 450 meters
  • Palazzo dei Priori – 250 meters
  • Basilica di San Domenico – 650 meters
  • Etruscan Well – 450 meters

Nearby transportation

  • Final Stop on the Minimetrò (Pincetto) – 400 mt -> Video route
  • Airport Shuttle San Francesco (Piazza Italia) – 130 mt
  • Urban Bus Terminal (Piazza Italia) – 130 mt
  • Bus Central suburban (Piazza Partigiani) – 600 mt
  • Taxi +39 075 500 4888
  • FS train station (Fontivegge) – 1500 meters


  • Umbria Jazz
  • International Journalism Festival
  • Eurochocolate